Real Estate Consultant Seminar


Seminar on Plant and Machinery Valuation

The valuation of plant, machinery and equipment is a specialised field that requires both a fundamental understanding of valuation and in-depth knowledge of specific assets. This seminar is intended for real estate and finance professionals who need to understand the valuation foundation and basics of machinery, plant and equipment, as well as technical or engineering experts. 

Expropriation Appraisal with Case Studies

The seminar discusses an overview of litigation strategies to appraisers who are new to litigation work, identify the appraisal problem and the questions to ask for the lawsuit. The difference between partial and complete taking and measure the contributory value of a component. Case study topics include partial and complete taking, time of taking and just compensation.

Income Approach Property Valuation

This course discusses the time value of money, the different types of properties,  important concepts and case studies. A thorough, detailed analysis of gross income including leases and the various expenses appropriately deducted from gross income follows, with realistic case studies of several income property types. Direct capitalization and Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method are then presented using overall capitalization rates, discount rates, and terminal value.

We will be providing a copy of the powerpoint presentation and the video recorded. You can email us at

Valuation MasterClass


There are many models for valuing real estate properties as there are analysts doing valuations. While we often talk about sales comparison and cost approach, we seldom talk about income approaches and its techniques. Participants will be able to understand different natures and business models in valuation and of business related to these properties. The seminar will use case studies as examples from actual practices.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn to distinguish complex properties and valuation principles
  • Examine the workings of income approach and alternative methods in valuing complex properties
  • Learn how to value commercial and complex properties using real-world cases
  • Learn how to put a value on any firm in a global context


Module I:  Complex Properties and Valuation Principles

Module  II:  Case Studies

  1. Hotel valuation
  2. Resort valuation
  3. Valuation of Shopping Mall
  4. Commercial and Office Building Valuation
  5. Valuation of condominium building for replacement purposes
  6. Valuation of industrial warehouse
  7. Market study of township development
  8. Valuation of public park and spaces
  9. Valuation of slum area




This course is designed to equip participants with skills regarding the valuation of residential properties- whether income generating or for home user. It also includes the applications of market analysis, due diligence, land development valuation and others. The course combines theoretical rigor and practical relevance to provide participants with required skills for the analysis of residential properties.


  • 8:00. Appraising Residential and other Properties
  • 9:00. Market Analysis: Value drivers
  • 10:00. Case Studies
  • – valuation of a residential property in Talisay City, Cebu
  • – valuing residential property in Paranaque, Metro Manila
  • – industrial lot in La Union
  • – Memorial Park in Estancia, Iloilo
  • – vacant lot in Dauin, Negros Oriental
  • – valuation of beach property in Lapulapu City
  • – Condominium unit in Cebu City
  • 3:00 Run through a valuation report
  • 4:00 Trends in valuation profession

Course Reviews from Participants:


On Valuation Masterclass 2:

Josefina M. Eugenio,  REB, REA, REC

Sir Gus has delivered all the lectures as promised and even provided other case studies outside the list. We are hoping to have part 2 for more knowledge and skills under him of course. We really appreciate his willingness to share his knowledge to improve and to create competent Appraisers. Together with his guidance, Appraisers in the Phil. will go a long way…

P.S. Hindi siya madamot..Gusto nya lahat tayo aangat kagaya nya…GBu Sir Gus.

Ernesto Rupac,  Provincial Assessor, Nueva Viscaya

The seminar per se re: Appraisal approaches and techniques of complex properties are key points in enhancing our knowledge and skills in the field of professional appraisal practice relatively at par with global standards… Let’s keep it up and going!!!

Jonathan Batalla, Appraiser Chinabank, Bataan

Very informative to upgrade valuation techniques and methodology in practice of our profession. Very reliable speaker at all aspects.

Roderick M. Carreon, Appraiser, Pangasinan

Discussion is lively, course outline was concise and followed during the day and the examples given are up to date. Yes, the topics discussed are informative and will surely help me in my practice.

The lecturer is an expert in the field. He is exceptionally well experienced thus he did a very good job in imparting his knowledge to the group.

Ian Tolentino,  Real Estate Appraiser, Broker and Accountant from Antique, Iloilo.

I am one of the many appraisers who employs market and cost approach in valuing income properties very often. With this valuation masterclass, Sir Gus Agusto introduced to us Income Approach in valuing complex properties in a very simple, practical and easy-to-do manner. I got now a clearer and better understanding and appreciation of the said approach. This is Income approach MADE-EASY! With the knowledge acquired in this one-of-a-kind- seminar, I felt that I am now at par with other real estate appraisers, more confident and competent in practicing our profession. I cant wait anymore and im so excited to apply the processes in my next appraisal engagement. This is indeed raising the bar in the real estate profession! Thank you and more power to you Sir Gus!

Robin Amoranto, Real Estate Broker of Muntinlupa:

I am impressed with what I learned during the valuation masterclass. I can surely apply this to my current profession and family business. The good takeaway I learned was about the township development. It holds good long term value. If I were to invest I would get there. Investing need not be difficult.

The discussion on the cost and income approach is quite hard to grasp but I do get an idea. Maybe its something that can motivate me to be an appraiser later on.

Thank you Sir Gus for sharing with us your knowledge! No regrets in taking this.


Arturo Lawa,  Real Estate Appraiser, Broker and Consultant, General Santos City:

The 2nd batch of Valuation MasterClass with the subject “Valuation of Complicated Properties” held at the PAREB home office in Pasig has the following impact to me:

1) That it has provided me the avenue to remember the formula of FS presentation in Excell platform. 2) That it has expanded my working knowledge of appraisal techniques as practiced by Valuers in the other Asean countries and has opened in the class the innovative idea of Appraisal Reports translated unto other ASEAN languages aside from the mainstream English version, in order to atune to localized expression of opinion the ASEAN Reqion.. 3) That I was able to share some practical methods tools used, and my experiences in the public practice as an Independent Valuer and Consultant that the class had appreciated and re-echoed.


Clarissa Velez, Appraiser and Broker of Cagayan de Oro City:

The whole content of the lecture was very jaw-dropping and at the same time very informative, eye-opener, very practical and significant to use as appraiser. The credibility of an appraiser depends on the effort of understanding in depth information gathered, analysis, visual and application.Thru constant practice, thru experienced mentors, references and reliable sources gives integrity to the report intended to the end user.


Airen Joy Ubalde, Appraiser and Broker from Cainta, Rizal:

The topic is very interesting especially if the appraiser is levelling up. For beginners, honestly, it is very complicating but I am willing to learn. My misconcenption about real estate appraisal job is that it has less income than broker profession. I vanish when I attended the 2-day seminar because there are many opportunities here.


Emilia S. De Leon, Appraiser and Broker from Pasig City:

Very informative and lucrative lecture. There should be modules to be created on each topic to dissect the complexity.


Erwin Macalintal,  Appraiser and Consultant of Batangas:

It was my first time to attend a CPD course with Sir Gus as the resource person. I learned a lot from him. A league unto himself in the appraisal profession, he delivered complex topics in a comprehensible manner.

You will learn to apply different approaches in the appraisal of various real properties. I fell in love with the Income Approach for its relevance and applicability in the valuation of commercial properties

The seminar is very informative, comprehensive, and eye-opening. Sir Gus’s Valuation Master Class is a must for all appraisers and consultants.worth attending!


William Floresta, PAREB Past President :

Worth attending ! Enp Gus Agosto can break the old mindset that appraisal career is just for selected few.


On Valuation Masterclass 1:

Atty. Eric Jay, Palawan

With the ever growing concerns on real estate valuation coupled with a plethora of subject on the matter, skills development and post-implementation evaluation are more and more becoming a necessity.

With a point of addressing these concerns, the lecture series of Mr. Gus Agosto for the Palawan Real Estate Brokers and Appraisers provided for a key that raises the bar of our fellows in the profession.

Applause to Sir Agosto for as the profession continue to flourish, similar skill sharing activity must continue to be recognized as a tool in transferring theory into practice, and the latter towards acceptable, equitable and ethical real estate experience. The expanded know-how brought by the lecture to the members does not only improve the qualifications but more so with building everyone’s confidence in the conduct of property appraisal.

Hoping for similar developmental courses with further emphasis on an intensive application of appraisal on government projects, corporate acquisition and stocks valuation. I do further recommend similar lectures to the appraisal community so that in the end the we will not be a profession divided by itself but one united in perspective.

More power. GOD BLESS


Ian Monte de Ramos, Palawan.

I find the seminar informative and worth attending. I became more confident in doing appraisal jobs and from now on I will be employing income approach often because Before I only use sales and cost approach and because of the master valuation class it became clearer to me how get the cap rate “build up” and apply this in may appraisal jobs if subject properties are income generating assets.

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